Building the future together

The beginning
Coes was founded in1965, starting off producing shelves and brackets for bathroom fittings and floor-mounted lead siphons. In 1972, COES launched an innovative, patented range of polyethylene siphons, including the first washing machine siphon, and a series of floor-mounted siphons for showers and baths. The choice of plastic in particular polyolefin, as a raw material laid the foundations for the company's future success.
The end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s represented a period of growing diversification and development. Two new product ranges were created: Coestilen®, the system of pipes and fittings for residential and industrial drains, and Coestene®, the range of water and gas pipes, fire-prevention systems and industrial pipe lines.
The global solution

The introduction of polypropylene determined the launch of two new product ranges: Coestherm®, a programme of pipes and fittings made of PP-R for water supply and heating systems, and Coesprene® a programme of pipes and fittings made of copolymer PP for draining water. COES became the sole supplier of water supply, heating and water draining solutions in buildings, offering the market a "Global Solution". The company attained ISO 9002 quality systems certification.

COES expanded its product portfolio with Coesidra®, a range of cisterns and siphons, and Coesklima Superk®, a system of multilayer pipes made of PE-Xb/AL/PE-HD,  pressfittings made of brass, for sanitary and heating systems.

BluePower and PhoNoFire, have been launched onto the market. These innovative drainage systems are made of copolymer polypropylene enhanced with reinforcing charges to meet the most stringent needs in terms of strength and mechanical stress, even at low temperatures, and convey a high level of sound-absorbency to drainage systems.
The Consolidation

At the end of 2011, COES became part of the SERI SPA group, an industrial holding of Civitillo family, actives in many industrial sectors. The entry into SERI group allows COES to be part of a solid and controlled reality, both in the management and production processes. In 2015 COES took over an important company in the industrial landscape, tooking over its production and brands: GDS - Gresintex - Dalmine - Sirci. The new brands allow COES to offer a wide and complete products portfolio. Two divisions are born: Building and Infrastructure.


Headquarter and Building Division Plant: 

Pioltello (MI) Italia - Via Caduti sul Lavoro 9A Tel. +39 02921361 - Fax +39 0292136227

Infrastructure Division Plant:

Gubbio (PG) Italia - Via degli Artigiani 27, Loc. Padule Tel. +39 0756210501


Products & solutions


  • Drainage system to gravity and depression
  • Supply system and heating Domestic
  • GAS system


  • Pvc pipes for civil and industrial sewer pipes
  • Pvc pipes for pressure pipes for drinking water, irrigation and industrial uses
  • Polyethylene pipes for sewer and industrial sewer pipes
  • Polyethylene pipes for pressure pipes for drinking water, irrigation, fire-fighting systems, industrial uses and fuel gases
  • PVC-U fittings for sewage and building industry
  • Modules for rain water retention systems


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