Supply system and heating

Pipe and fittings for supplying sanitary water and for heating/air conditioning.



Coestherm® Coestherm® is a system of pipes and fittings in random polypropylene and PP-RCT, with diam. from 16 to 200mm, for the supply of hot water, for heating and for cooling, which meets the most stringent requirements in terms of strength and durability. 
PP-R is a plastic material that is resistant to cracking even under stress, corrosion and chemical agents. Its molecular composition also ensuressoundproofing and protection from stray currents. 
PP-RCT is characterised by a hexagonal crystal structure whichresults in a minimum operating life of 50 years for pressures up to 10 bar with temperatures of 70°C. CoesthermR pipes are produced in accordance with DIN 8077 - 8078 and/or UNI EN ISO 1587-2; the fittings in accordance with DIN 16962 and/or EN ISO 15874-3. The CoesthermR programme is non-toxic and perfectly suitable for transporting drinking water and liquid foodstuffs (DM 174-04).

Coesklima Superk®

Coesklima Superk®

Coesklima Superk® and the system for hot water supply, heating, air conditioning and compressed air. It consists of a multilayer pipe in PE-Xb/AL/PE-HD, pressfitting multi-profile H-TH-U fittings from Ø 16 to 32mm and U-profile sections from Ø 40 to 75mm and quick coupling Sliding Push-Fit brass fittings Ø16x2, 20x2, 26x3mm. The multilayer pipe combines the advantages of plastic and aluminium in a single product: robust and resistant to cracking, corrosion and chemical agents; the aluminum core ensures durability, safety and impermeability to oxygen. The Coesklima Superk® system complies with Italian standard UNI ISO 21003. The Coesklima Superk® and non-toxic programme is perfectly suitable for the transportation of drinking water and liquid foodstuffs (Italian DM n°174-2004).


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Products & solutions


  • Drainage system to gravity and depression
  • Supply system and heating Domestic
  • GAS system


  • Pvc pipes for civil and industrial sewer pipes
  • Pvc pipes for pressure pipes for drinking water, irrigation and industrial uses
  • Polyethylene pipes for sewer and industrial sewer pipes
  • Polyethylene pipes for pressure pipes for drinking water, irrigation, fire-fighting systems, industrial uses and fuel gases
  • PVC-U fittings for sewage and building industry
  • Modules for rain water retention systems


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